The Galati Family History

Having been in Fremantle for so long, a common question we get asked is how and when Galati & Sons all started. We have therefore decided to share a very brief history about the shop and the family!


Antonino Galati migrated to Fremantle in 1950 to join his aunties and uncles who ran a market garden just outside the city. Showing himself to be the strong and hard worker that he was, Antonino then helped his relatives open up what would be known as the original Galati Deli on South Terrace in 1958.

On one fateful morning, Antonino sighted a young Vincenzina Giuffre who also migrated from Italy and began working in a market garden. The two almost immediately fell in love and in 1962 they married. They lived at the back of the shop which lacked the contemporary necessity of a shower or bath. This is where their two oldest children Rina and Santo grew up. In 1967 the Galati family decided to move just up the road and open up their own deli on 17 Wray Avenue.

The business proved to be a huge success, especially among the many European migrants who began their new lives in Fremantle. Thanks to the success of their business, they decided to start planning a bigger and better shop next door at 19 Wray Avenue. It was at this new shop that the family was also able to have a much more comfortable living situation as they planned to have two stories of living space. Construction of this new shop began in 1979, a few years after their third child, Salvatore, was born.

The Galati family experienced great highs and even greater lows in the following years. In the summer of 1987, Galati & Sons made a bigger name for themselves when they were contracted to provide meals for the media and the American “Stars and Stripes” team during the American Cup. This was an extremely exciting time not only for Galati’s but for the whole of Fremantle. In 1988 the family was struck by tragedy when Antonino Galati passed away due to heart complications.

It took a significant amount of time to lift the Galati’s and Fremantle’s spirits after the tragic death of Antonino. The shop moved to 19 Wray Avenue after the building had been extended, allowing for a bigger and more comfortable shopping experience. When the store began to function back to normal, Vincenzina emerged as the strong leader of the family. She made a favourable reputation for herself by producing delicious delicacies, including her famous arancini.

2008 was a significant year for Galati’s as it marked their 50th anniversary. Galati’s was therefore recognised and honoured by The Fremantle Society who presented the family with the Spirit of Heritage Award. It has now been 58 years since Antonino started Galati & Sons and his children, now with children of their own, have stuck by and developed the business ever since.



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